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Teaching Philosophy:  I believe that all students can learn given the time, patience, and educational tools needed to succeed.  I am blessed to be able to do something I am passionate about.  Teaching my students to develop a love of reading has always been an exciting journey for me.  I enjoy celebrating their strengths and helping them work through their challenges in the classroom.

Current Teaching Position:  7th Grade English Language Arts and Reading 

Teaching Experience:
2003-2008: 5th Grade Reading Teacher at Schultz Middle School
2008-2009: 6th Grade Reading Teacher at Schultz Middle School
2009-2012: 7th Grade Reading at Schultz Junior High
2012-2014: 7th Grade English Language Arts at Schultz Junior High
2014-Present: 7th Grade English Language Arts and Reading at Schultz Junior High

Certification: Elementary English (Grades 1-8), Elementary Reading (Grades 1-6), English as a Second Language (Grades 4-8), Generalist (Grades 4-8)

Education:  Master's of Curriculum and Instruction with a Literacy Emphasis at University of Texas Arlington
Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies at Texas A&M University

Hobbies:  Reading, running, working out, and spending time with family

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